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Please enjoy this recent episode of Abolitionist Abstractions. Herein I discussed the deleteriousness of the “War on Drugs”, why having dedicated use spots are a step in the right direction, the shining example of Portugal, why I prefer decriminalization to legalization, why prohibition never works, the entities that lobby the hardest against legalization, how government makes drugs more dangerous, entrepreneurship opportunities in a freer society, and more!

I was compelled to make this episode after reading a FB post from a friend who was upset about the introduction of dedicated drug use spots as part of the solution to the heroin epidemic. Having lost multiple family members and friends to overdoses, this friend clearly, and understandably, has an emotional reaction to the thought of others suffering the same fate. Due to that emotional reaction, I felt it best not to engage with them directly and instead wanted to discuss the possible efficacy of such designated spots in the overall context of the so-call War on Drugs. This coupled with a conversation I had with another friend about the path to statelessness, which included discussion of the War on Drugs, gave me the framework for this episode.

Even though This topic has been covered by individuals more well versed than myself, I felt that this episode was worth putting together. Trying to recall my archive of shows, I could not remember one where this was the focal point. I know portions of it have come up in other conversations, like the past episode with Dr. Mary J. Ruwart (and probably some older SOL and Feens episodes), but I can’t recall speaking at length like this before. Whether my friend ends up hearing this or not, I hope it can serve some good for others who may have to deal with similar objections to ways of ending (or, at least, decreasing) the so-called War on Drugs.

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