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Please enjoy this recent episode of Abolitionist Abstractions. This week I’m hijacking myself, and sharing a solo Freedom Feens episode I recorded recently. This will probably be out before it plays on the air so, shh, no one tell MWD. 😉 In this episode I discuss my situation with the local government, both legally and in the realm of real estate, as it pertains to freedom and liberty. Or, more accurately, the lack thereof.

I start with a quick recap of the legal situation (now a year in the making) and then discuss the insidiousness of the plea bargain system, why most people cave due to an ingrained fear of the government, the traffic court racket, and revenue generation at every conceivable (and some until now inconceivable) level.

I also talk about the sinister uses of tack on charges, how government has all but destroyed the notion of voluntary charity, the idea of restitution vs. retribution (although the latter word slipped my mind during the recording), how government is at the core of (almost) all hold ups in real estate transactions (even the banks), trying to sell your house on your own, being so statist that you’re literally begging foor more government, and more.

Due to the time constraints of radio, I did have to cut myself short. There is an additional almost 10 minutes after the outro music where I try to tie up some of those loose ends. The main focus is on the insanity of the probation system and what I might be facing despite just about all the evidence pointing in my favor.

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