Join Lou and Darrell as they explore:

Che Guevara died, does it matter?

Who are these “great men”, and why are they on T-shirts?

We discuss the Great Man Fallacey, and the Great Bad Boogieman Fallacy that complements the Great Man notion.

Was Columbus a great man, or did he just help to make an excuse for another “bank inconvenience day” (aka “bank holiday”)?
An article from the Washington ComPost was discussed.

The myth of George Washington was discussed. Apparently his dad was dead when George was an infant, sooooo… make the story that me and Lou got make sense, we speculate that George was like a Jedi, and the ghost of his father appears after he chops down the tree with a light saber.

For redemption:
The great man fallacy will go the way of Blockbuster Video and Betamax tapes.
Torrents, Redbox, Netflix and streaming services are a salvation to us all.

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