MK Lords and Jim Jesus talk for THREE FUCKING HOURS WHAT THE FUCK and finally get around to addressing their problems with the NAP, and like Libertarian mood swings, and like libertinism, and like degeneracy, and like Ayn Rand, and like Prefered pronouns, and like ContraPoints, and like Laci Green getting Red Pilled, Pride Festivals, drugs and drug mysticism, and like literally mouth noises, and like good bad movies, and like music.

Sound note: There was some kind of weird echo and noise when I talked. It’s not great but it’s not horrible. I’ll get to fixing this issue if future episodes.

Albums of the week (first and last time we do this just to rustle Brian Sovryn’s Jimmies)
Against Me! – True Trans EP

The Mars Volta – De-Loused in the Comatorium

The Book of Mormon Soundtrack (OBC)

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