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Please enjoy this recent episode of the Force 2 Freedom Podcast. This week Donnie and Lloyd tackled some news stories from the partisan idiocy known as the MSM. Herein they discuss ‘The Donald’ on ISIS, treating politicians like the a-holes they are, shooting the arrow and painting the bullseye around it afterwards, the military industrial complex, being a smash and grab thug, a 10 lb. weight in the dryer wrecking everything, Huckabee on denying a 10 year old rape victim an abortion, sound arguments and valid reasoning, dumpster diving in the comment section of MSNBC, the illegality of abortion in Paraguay, using federal troops and the FBI to stop abortions, Trey Gowdy hounding Hillary Clinton, “I’m sorry but you’re just too stupid to vote”, Trump’s immigration plan, how Americans don’t give a damn about immigration when things are going well, how it’s not immigration – it’s moving, and more!

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