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Please enjoy this recent episode of the Force 2 Freedom Podcast. This week Donnie and Lloyd had a casual conversation about their own developmental stages (adolescence through post-military) and inspirations. Herein they discuss not having people on the brakes of your military train, Lloyd’s brain fart as to the location of PA, having a a large pile in a small body of useless factoids, f**king a unicorn, hobo analysts, the Holy Grail of Bob Murphy, how the army can make you an anarchist, being a defacto only child, Reagan’s wet dream: the boondoggle that was Star Wars, nuking extra brain cells by age 8, getting a diploma from f**k up school, how traveling can erode your bigotries, Ayn Rand on a Navy ship, finding a sane/rational/virtuous woman in the military, wasting perfectly good conformation biases on intellectual pursuits, being fed Plato over Aristotle, the big-can’t-quite-see-out-of-focus-blob-of-double-chin-neckbeardism that is Jeb Bush, and more!

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