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Please enjoy this recent episode of the Force 2 Freedom Podcast. This week Lloyd makes his return and joins Donnie. Herein they discuss Cecil the goddamn lion, the personification of animals, how animals don’t usually understand “It’s a trap!”, not being able to look behind the curtain without seeing Oz behind, the economic and political aspects of the hype over Cecil, having to deal with an a-hole neighbor that kicks his dog, how butchers have more skill than hunters, less crunchy techniques for removing human life from the womb, the binary between a person and a potential person, how most humans would risk their lives for another, how abortions are still indirectly subsidized despite the standard rhetoric, the fallacy fallacy, how Planned Parenthood was founded by a racist eugenicist, the huge number of Americans that are hugely in favor of science without knowing a damn thing about it, the “tragedy” of the Northern White Rhino, Aristotle and the first biological classification of animals, , the university of phoenix and the demonization of for profit schooling, the trillion+ dollar student loan debt, , liberal arts degrees and their ties to Marxism, overpaid professors teaching useless classes, and more!

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