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Please enjoy my recent conversation with Prof CJ, host of the Dangerous History Podcast. Herein we discussed History of American Slavery, Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Trans-Saharan Slave Trade, racism was the after effect of slavery, immoral rationalizations, white slaves, indentured servants, post Civil War resentment, Ku Klux Klan, chattel slavery was a government program, privatizing the profits and socializing the costs, Stanley Milgram Experiment, obedience to authority, human nature is malleable, Stanford Prison Experiment, dress to aggress, power corrupts, law enforcement, men in uniform, Asch Conformity Experiment, tribalism instinct easily exploited by ruling class and more!

“Put simply, the cause of the civil war was the refusal of Lincoln and other northerners to honor the revolutionary right of self determination, the touchstone of the American Revolution. The act of imposing one people’s morality upon another people is an imperial denial of self-determination. Once begin the process of denying it to others in its own name and there is no end of empire except war and more war.” William Appleman Williams

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