Michael W. Dean points out that it’s tax day and mourns Art Bell by doing Michael’s first-ever SOLO Freedom Feens show….And he likes it. MWD has a good talk with the hamster in his brain about TJ Miller getting arrested for doing exactly what the government tells us to do: reporting suspicions behavior. MWD also discusses the writing of Claire Wolfe, in particular her new book Basics of Resistance: The Practical Freedomista, Book I. Michael also discusses the writing of Kenneth Royce (Boston T. Party), especially his latest book, Modules For Manhood — What Every Man Must Know (Volume 3 of 3). Also, News Bots, Cell411, and why you should be more into buying crypto when it’s down than when it’s up.

Also, the book Arrest-Proof Yourself

I was inspired that I could do a solo show by listening to Riley Blake, check out his show Anarcho Agenda

Also, special thanks to Lou Feen.

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