Darrell Becker has his solo show debut, does great, and gets to go off on what he thinks is the problem with lots of people:
Everyone is misusing their pronouns (We, Us and Our) causing all kinds of
problems like collective guilt and taking pride in the actions of others.
Arizona’s taking Crypto for Taxes?

He talks about the Language of Urgency, and how to REALLY make it hard
for people to take your message seriously by using the 4Ds:

Then Darrell really starts going off on freedom tools, Cell411, critical
thinking methods, parenting problems and John Taylor Gatto’s 7-Lesson
School Teacher concepts.
The redemption is that these tools of freedom are being know,
understood and used by more and more people, increasing abundance and
decreasing scarcity…..allegedly <3

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Photo of Darrell doing this show by Emily Elisabeth.

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