Michael W. Dean, Lisa DeLasho, and newest legit Freedom Feen – Knight Constantino (above left) yak about freedom, liberty, taxation is theft, adulting (particularity in the context of staying out of jail), the excellent book that you must get now, Arrest Proof Yourself (get the paperback here, get the Kindle version here), and the fact that a lot of libraries have 3D printers you can use. A list of them on a world map is here. Some libraries even let you take them home and borrow them like a book!

Public libraries with 3D printers. You’re paying for them, why not use them? Some printers can print most of the parts for another printer. Like RepRap and lulzbot.

But make sure to cover the result with a BipCot NoGov license to remove the taint of government.

(Any poser who says “That’s not punk” wasn’t punk back in the early 80s when the DIY ethic was basically “use anything anywhere to get the job done.”)

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