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The TRUTH about Andreas Antonopoulos

James Weeks II from Podcast Titles are a Spook joins Jim Jesus reluctantly to talk about the problems we’ve learned about Bitcoin evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos. Andreas was someone we both Admire a lot but Perhaps we’ve misjudged his character. Really, It’s sad that we have to talks about what he did and what he continues to to behind the Limelight. And For all intents and purposes, this Ongoing conduct is still Outlandish and wrong. I know a lot of our Listerners still admire this guy and to an extent So do we. He needs to come clean and wash this Trout smell off of him, take off his Mask of legitimacy, and hope that someone can Replicate his work. Will he repair those he’s damaged? Should be be invited to speak at conferences? We go though all of the credible allegations and not-so-credible ones as well. We’ll return to our normal fun episodes next week after this trip to Frownland.

The Expose we reference: Andreas Antonopoulos; Messiah or Madman?
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FitBit has blood FigFitBit has blood on their handsn their hands


Lou, Darrell, and MWD try to answer the age-old question of “without government, how would you solve the problem of billionaires who have a shooting gallery where they hunt orphans for sport on their heavily guarded compound on a private island….

….In other words; how would “we” make sure that SUMMER IS SAFE?

Then adults leave and the kids have fun. Darrell and MWD also discuss Rick and / or Morty, the growing problem of Footloose dancing in Buddhist-Muslim countries, and how come no one has ever tried THIS form of government? It might be perfect:

Anarcho-unitary minarcho dominant-party parliamentary elective constitutional monarchy. So, we’ve decided it exists, and we’ve signed you up to our social contract. You’re welcome.

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Trade Your Drugs for Weed Here! – Freedom Feens Radio Archive


Kal Molinet and Jeremy Heisenberg finally get on track after some technical difficulties to yak about having patience when speaking to statists, the downsides of ostracism,  how emojis are now being considered threats, the apparent drunk droning issue in New Jersey, and the free market solving the opiod crisis in Oregon.

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